Cuddle Buddy

"Cuddling helps us feel safe, confident, secured and loved".

Sharing with you is our little friend who loves her Nerdbugs C(U)terus and Nerdbugs Breastie! πŸ’—β 

Nerdbugs Breast and Uterus Plushie

Her mom @jimenaillescas is an anatomy nerd, she shares with us that she is truly, madly in love with the human body because for her it really is an amazing machine.

Jimena lovingly shares that this little girl has inherited the love for the human body parts, especially for the utero that bring her to this worlds and the breast that stills feed and nurtures her.

How cute is this little girl?!

Nerdbugs Breast and Uterus Plushie

Make someone Ovary-joyed and share a good Mammary with Nerdbugs Uterus Plushie and Breast Plush Organ Toys