CHD Awareness Week

It's the first day of CHD Awareness Week.

Why is it so important?!⁠

Many moms in today's world haven't heard of "Congenital Heart Disease". 51% of parents — more than half — had never heard of congenital heart defects before their child was diagnosed.

A mom shared that she felt alone because she had no idea that each year 39,999 other mothers also learned that their child had a congenital heart defect and that 9,999 other mothers learned that their child’s defect would require surgery or medical intervention just so their child could survive.

CHD Awareness is important because vital and meaningful research is underfunded. This kind of research would help kids to live a long and healthy lives. It is also a great way to make connection with other parents — someone to talk to who would truly understand one another and someone who would help you to feel less alone.

So as we enter this week and do all we can to raise awareness... let us all take part in communicating what Congenital Heart Disease is and how we can be of help to the families and specially to the babies.

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