In 2018, Nerdbugs Founder Dr. Ronak Mehta prototyped and developed the first Nerdbugs plush organ toys. Nerdbugs filed their first design patent in June 2018. Nerdbugs owns multiple domestic design patents applications on file, some of which can be located using publicly available patent databases. Innovation is at the core of Nerdbugs and the Nerdbugs designs are protected by one or more of the following patents. In addition, Nerdbugs owns other pending patent applications. Nerdbugs has been issued and granted the following patents:

Patent / Application No Status  Design  Priority Date
D871,522 Issued  Neuron  29-May-18
D900,255 Issued  Heart 29-May-18
D898,840 Issued  Gallbladder 4-Jan-18
29/750,830  Pending - allowed Lung 29-May-18
29/754,274 Pending - allowed Breast 4-Jan-18
29/773,817 Pending Pancreas 4-Jan-19
29/773,817 Pending Pancreas 4-Jan-19
29/773,815 Pending Liver 4-Jan-19
29/773,815 Pending Liver 4-Jan-19
29/773,812 Pending Uterus 29-May-18
29/773,810 Pending Kidney 29-May-18
Serial number Registration number Word mark Status Status date Filing date Registration number Registration date
87838752 5807841 NERDBUGS 700 - Registered 2019-07-16 2018-03-18 5807841 2019-07-16
Fish Ref. Serial No. Filing date Title
46760-0004001 29/777,302 April 5, 2021 PLUSH TOY
46760-0006001 29/777,304 April 5, 2021 PLUSH TOY
46760-0007001 29/777,305 April 5, 2021 PLUSH TOY
46760-0008001 29/777,306 April 5, 2021 PLUSH TOY