It's National Glaucoma Awareness Month!

Today is National Glaucoma Awareness Month! An important time to spread the word about this sight-stealing disease.

By raising this awareness, we're working together to improve the lives of glaucoma patients and keep people in the know about this disease. Not everyone is aware of how easily they can be affected.

How to observe National Glaucoma Month?

  • Volunteer with your local health center and city departments as they host events. It also allows you to find others in the same situation and build a support group together.

  • Make an appointment with your local optometrist or ophthalmologist. Regular checkups are vital to eye health — even if you have no symptoms.

  • Know the risk factors. Those at higher risk include people of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent. Other high-risk groups have people over 60, family members of those already diagnosed, diabetics, and severely nearsighted people.

Why National Glaucoma Month is Important:

  • It's a silent disease. Without treatment, those affected will slowly lose their peripheral vision.

  • It gives others a voice and helps patients cope. It's a time to let them share their stories.

  • It's important to spread the word. Not everyone is aware of how easily they can be affected. Eye care organizations use this month to address the risks and provide treatment tips.

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