Learn more about Obesity!

Hi! We’re continuing our chat on obesity awareness month, let’s learn more on how we can create awareness for obesity

  • Eat less, move more does not "fix" obesity

  • People living with obesity are often told that the answer is to ‘eat less, move more’. However, addressing obesity is not just a matter of diet and exercise. ⁠ *When we tell people to ‘eat less, move more’, we ignore other important factors.

  • Although physical exercise plays an important part in overall health, it is not a significant factor in managing obesity.

  • Rather than blaming individuals for their disease, we must encourage governments and policy makers to address the root causes.⁠

Weight Stigma is Dangerous

  • In many countries, people living with obesity are regularly blamed for their disease.

  • Weight stigma suggests that obesity is due to individual failure, and puts responsibility on people living with obesity to ‘fix’ it.

  • It can damage mental and physical wellbeing and prevent people from seeking necessary medical care.

  • While stigma may be different across the world, one thing is clear: experiencing discrimination due to weight does not help people to adopt healthier lifestyles. In fact, it can make it harder.⁠

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