Love the inner Kidney in you this National Kidney Month!

Love the inner Kidney in you this National Kidney Month!

What is National Kidney Month?

National Kidney Month, observed every March, brings awareness to kidney health and encourages people to support kidney disease research and take steps to keep their own kidneys safe and healthy.

Get to know more about your Kidneys! Here are some fun trivia about them: 

  • You only need one kidney to live. Although you're born with two kidneys, each of which have about 1.5 million blood-filtering units(nephrons), you only need about 300,000 nephrons to filter your blood properly.

  • Your kidneys are lopsided. The right kidney is slightly smaller and sits lower than the left to make room for another important organ, the liver.

  • You can drink too much water. This can cause a condition called hyponatremia, which, though not common, can damage the kidneys.

  • Willem Kolff, who invented the first artificial kidney that led to today's dialysis technology, used sausage casings, orange juice cans, and a washing machine to create a rudimentary blood cleaning mechanism. 

  • Climate change may increase kidney disease. As parts of the world get warmer, the dehydration that leads to kidney disease is likely to rise among manual laborers

Make sure you take care of your body and your vital internal organs so they can continue taking care of you.

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