March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

March isĀ Endometriosis Awareness Month šŸŽ—ļø

This awareness can push through theĀ timely detection andĀ interventionĀ it can give patients and a chance to treat the symptoms before it gets out of control and requires surgery.

Intriguing Facts about Endometriosis:ā 

  • Being pregnant may help. Pregnancy and the increase in progesterone levels often relieve symptoms.

  • Women are affected worldwide Endometriosis affects women mostly in their reproductive years (ages 12-52).

  • Genetics matter. Studies have suggested a possible genetic component.

  • Chronic pelvic pain is a major symptom

  • It takes eight years from the development of symptoms to get a proper diagnosis.

Throughout the month of March, let us promote research and support professionals, researchers, and scientists specializing in this domain rely on information collected to findĀ better treatments for Endometriosis. This will lead to more patients being helped globally.

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