National Organ Donor Day

Yesterday is National Organ Donor Day!

Why do you think it is so important?

  • It promoted different outpouring of love Did you know that your eye and tissue donation can save up to 8 lives or restore more than 75 lives when you die as an organ donor? That is an incredible way to show your love for humanity.⁠

  • It gives you control over your final wish Families don't often understand why organ donation is so vital, so after you've decided to join a donor registry, talk it over with your family to make sure your final request is carried out. It's also a good idea to put your wishes in writing, asking your family to supply medical and social background information and paperwork. Being proactive now ensures that your family is well-prepared to carry out your pledge without unnecessary hardship.⁠

  • It replaces myths with accurate information There are currently more people awaiting transplants than in years past. Some people believe certain illnesses or physical defects will keep you from being a donor. Other people think that physicians won't try hard to save your life if they know you're a donor, which discounts the number one priority for doctors.⁠

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