Stress Awareness Month

This month is Stress Awareness Month.

Let’s continue our chats about stress awareness and discuss a few ways we can help to reduce stress.

How can we reduce Stess? Here are 10 ways to do it

  • Avoid Stimulants - Like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine (alcohol is a depressant but in small quantities it is a stimulant)

  • Make time for exercise - Physical activity helps metabolize stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol; and also stimulates dopamine, estrogen, serotonin, and endorphins.

  • Get more Sleep - Make your bedroom tranquil and stop doing anything mentally taxing a few hours before bed.

  • Try relaxation techniques - Meditation and self -hypnosis are great ways to decompress.

  • Talk to a friend - Sometimes a friendly conversation is all it takes to relieve some stress.

  • Keep a mood journal - Keeping a diary of your stress levels helps you identify your triggers and figure out how to better manage them.

  • Chew gum - Believe it or not, studies have shown that people who chew gum have lower stress levels.

  • Appeal to your senses - Lighting a scented candle or cozying up with a soft blanket can often help calm the system down.

  • Learn to say no- Don’t take on more responsibilities when your mental and emotional health is already suffering.

  • See a Therapist - There’s no shame in talking to a professional about your stress. In fact, it will likely give you new tools to help prevent stress in the future.

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