Galentine’s Day and Updates

Just a heads up, there is one affiliate link in this post. In all honesty, it’s pretty cute and I’m a little obsessed so…

February may be the shortest month of the year but it has one of my favorite holidays. No, not Valentine’s Day. It’s never really been a thing for me. Didn’t we just buy a bunnch of stuff for our significant other’s just a couple months back?

It should be a national holiday

My love of February (oh, was that a pun?!) stems from Galentine’s Day, a day for celebrating female friendships. If you don’t already know about the February 13th celebration, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I mean, waffles and mimosas and non-judgmental girl talk? Sign. Me. Up.

It will come as no surprise that Leslie Knope is a personal hero of mine. Can fictional characters be heroes IRL? I don’t care. She is and always will be.

Galentine’s Day has an obvious appeal, at least for me, as I’m VERY into women supporting other women, both professionally and personally. In a digital age where we have access to tons of communication options but still feel depressingly alone, authentic female relationships are what keep a lot of us going. Especially if you are a parent.

So on Wednesday, gather your ladies together. Maybe even allow yourself to be a little vulnerable and TELL THEM just how much you appreciate their friendship in your life. It’s okay to be corny sometimes, that’s just what friends do.

If you are looking to gift a little something


While you don’t need to buy your ladies anything, I did find something that’s right up my alley, just in case anyone is looking. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

These are NerdBugs and they are just the cutest little organs that I ever did see. What could be better than gifting your lady friend their very own plush uterus?

Just as FYI, I think this would also make for a fabulous first period present (that’s a thing now right?) While you can find the full range of Nerdbugs on Amazon, the Nerdbugs site currently offers Free shipping in the US.

Maybe if Valentine’s Day was my thing, I would get the anatomically correct heart. Is that weird? Nah, that’s not too weird. It’s just the right amount of weird. Man, I wish I had known about these little guys and gals when I was putting together my daughter’s science nursery theme.

Any who, I hope you all have a fabulous Galentine’s Day celebrating with each other!

Oh, you’re still reading. Updates, that’s right!

Things have been happening, hence the lack of posts, well, here. If you didn’t already know, I’ve started contributing to the Portland Moms Blog. Coincidentally (or maybe not so much), I have a post about Galentine’s Day for those of us in the PDX metro area. You can check that out here.

Also, I had a piece published on Pregnant Chicken, so that was pretty great. It features my little guy in the photo and everything.

I’ve also be writing numerous articles over at Don’t get too confused by the authur’s name. That is indeed me. It’s a bit of story for another time.

Thanks for sticking around and I promise not to neglect you here as long as I did last time. Are we cool? Great!