Adorable Ditty For His Sweet Love

Jonah shares the backstory for him writing this adorable ditty for his sweet love 💛 #lovesongs❤️

He told us that him and his partner and had been apart for much of the pandemic and it had been an incredibly tough time.

“She told me when she saw the plushie she immediately knew I'd love it and she sent it to me so I'd remember she's always thinking about me. She didn't tell me what she'd sent me and we didn't know when it would arrive so when it showed up on my doorstep I was at first very confused at the pink puffball I was opening but as I pieced together what it was I just started beaming.”

Nerdbugs Heart Plushie Organ

Ahhh..thank you! We’re so stinkin’ excited to be a small part of your story and thank you so much for sharing this adorable song and all of your cuteness 😍😍😍

@canadianspunge Sending you so much love.

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