Bittersweet Love

It's @skygatdula's First Anniversary of undergoing a Hysterectomy. It's a bittersweet event of having her youngest child but losing her only uterus. #Hysterectomy has changed her a LOT. Physically, Emotionally and as a person. ⁠

It’s a one tough journey, Sky said. She never felt that feeling of being “incomplete” when you’ve lost a part of your system. ⁠

Until today she's still on the process of healing physically and emotionally. This is why she bought this UTERUS PLUSHIE to give her more hope in this journey! ⁠

She met @thenerdbugs last April and fell inlove with their plushies ever since specially this C(U)TERUS PLUSHIE! She gave herself a new uterus that may help her in the process. ⁠