Our CF Warrior, Trey!

Trey's story is one of remarkable resilience and learning, beginning even before his birth when a Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis was uncovered through an amniocentesis test.

This early knowledge, as shared by his mom, acted as a beacon of health in his initial years. At the tender age of 2, Trey faced a challenging lung infection, leading to intensive treatments that showcased his incredible strength.

Presently, Trey follows a daily routine involving an inhaler, three nebulizer treatments, and a vibrating vest treatment to clear mucus from his lungs.

Nerdbugs Lung Plushie Organ

His determination shines like a beacon of hope. Adding to his arsenal of understanding, Nerdbugs lungs come into play – these visual aids allow his parents to educate him about his condition in a relatable and tangible way.

Trey, you're a beacon of inspiration, and we're honored to be a part of your journey. May these Nerdbugs lungs bring knowledge, comfort, and countless smiles as you continue to conquer each day with courage. 🌟🫁♥️

Nerdbugs Lung Plushie Organ

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