Trevor's Kidneys

Trevor was born chronically ill with not just one, but BOTH kidneys failing. He had major surgery as a baby to help correct the issue, but his doctors warned that later his teenage growth spurts may tax his body to the point of needing a transplant.

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Unfortunately now at age 16 years old, Trevor’s kidneys were at less than 10% of what they should be- his body is declining, he is often tired and sick.

Fortunately medical testing has shown Andreas to be a good donor candidate for Trevor. Last May, the Amazing Andreas (Trevor’s dad) gave up one of his kidneys to his son Trevor. Truly the kind of unconditional love a child receives from his parents.

Nerdbugs Kidney Plushie Organ

Are you crying now? We know it’s tears of joy, love and hope.

We’re so honored to share this beautiful story with you and may you be a light of hope to everyone you’ll meet! ♥️

Nerdbugs Kidney Plushie Organ

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