Empowered Woman

"Teaching a woman about her self-worth and making her believe that she is capable of achieving big things may be some of the greatest life lessons that can be imparted"💗

Sarah (@girlthriving.coachsara) is a licensed professional Counselor in Cincinnati Ohio and personal coach At Girl Thriving. She offers Coaching for girls and young women rooted in solution-focused interventions and applied neuroscience. 💯🏆

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"We are passionate about empowering young women to find their own voices, understand their own brains, and to help them know who they are, what they stand for, and who they want to become!"🤗🤩

We would like to give Sarah of Girl Thriving a shoutout for all the work she has done to empower women and help them find their own voices.

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This advocacy has practically saved the lives of numerous women, and taught them to stand up for their rights.

We fully support Sarah in her advocacy and wish her nothing but the best, as she continues to change lives one girl at a time.

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