Meet the Ultimate Nerdbugs Super Hero: Battling Rare Diseases with Cuddly Companions

In a world that celebrates strength, meet a true champion who's rewriting the rules of heroism – this young man's heart beats with a special love for Nerdbugs!

Amidst the challenges, he emerges as a triple SUPER HERO, defying not one, not two, but three rare diseases alongside a constellation of complications. His resilience knows no bounds.

Nerdbugs Heart Plushie Organ

In the cozy realm of couch time and the reality of appointments, his companions are none other than the adorable nerdbugaroos – each with a unique name and purpose.

Meet Mr. Hearty, the guardian of the heart, Liver Torrens, the defender of the liver, and the dynamic duo Lenny and Leo, entrusted with the well-being of the lungs.

These plushie pals aren't just cuddle buddies; they're symbols of courage, comfort, and unwavering companionship. With every hug and every appointment, this young hero's journey unfolds, proving that even in the face of challenges, love and strength know no bounds.


Nerdbugs Liver Plushie Organ Toys

Jules, you are a great inspiration to everyone! We are continually impressed by your strength, courage, and resiliency! 💜⁠


Nerdbugs Lung Plushie OrganSnuggles Await! Check out our Nerdbugaroo's here and choose the one (or two, or three) that makes your heart beat faster!