Strong Samantha!

Before we end MAY, we wanted to share with you how our friend, Samantha, brightened up our day: ⁠

"Hello Nerdbugs. My name is Samantha. I'm 26. I recently made a purchase that I could not be more happy with. Since a little girl I've always suffered from severe Asthma but was recently discovers with M.A.C )Myobacterium avium complex) and Aspergillosis, wghich are TB related. Everything started when I one day suddenly started coughing blood non-stop during the pandemic"

Nerdbugs Lung Plushie Organ

She also shared with us that many people in her family have had lung issues. Recently, she thought she was COVID positive because of the pain she's experiencing with her lungs. The results came out negative but unfortunately was experiencing another lung related infection.

She said, "the pulmonologist said it was eating up my lung tissue and had to do eveything they can to stop the spread before it reaches other parts of my body. It's crazy and almost unbelievable how a young person like me can suffer from different conditions all in one organ."

Nerdbugs Lung Plushie Organ

With all of the chaos that's happening to her, she found comfort in her lung plushie, she said that she immediately fell in love with this little nerdbugaroo because it's a big reminder of how important and valuable breathing can be🫁⁠

We are so touched by how this Nerdbugs lung plushie made her feel happy with all the conditions she has! ✨💛⁠

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