Raising Lung Cancer Awareness with Super Dad!

Prepare for a whirlwind of insights as we dive into the realms of Adenomyosis – an oft-misunderstood condition that commands attention!

@ashlee___smith opens up with a snapshot of her "new" uterus, a symbol of her journey post hysterectomy and salpingectomy due to adenomyosis.

This condition involves endometrial tissue infiltrating the uterine muscular wall, ushering in an array of challenges like menstrual cramps, abdominal pressure, bloating, and heavy periods that refuse to take a backseat.

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Hold on tight, because we're on a roll with some enlightening comparisons! What's the scoop on the difference between adenomyosis and endometriosis? While they can cozy up together, they're not quite the same.

Endometriosis pitches endometrial-like tissue outside the uterus, while adenomyosis brings these cells deep into the uterine walls. 

But that's not all – we're diving into the world of lung cancer awareness, as November takes the spotlight. @ashlee___smith resonates with the cause, as her daddy's journey with stage 4 lung cancer started in this very month.

Lung cancer may be the third most common diagnosis, but it's the numero uno cause of cancer-related deaths in both men and women. It snatches more lives annually than the collective count of colon, breast, prostate, and liver cancers!

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Lung cancer deserves the spotlight too – with a mortality rate three times that of breast or prostate cancer, it receives a mere fraction of the funding.

Let's stand united, sending prayers, support, and positive vibes to @ashlee___smith's dad and all those facing this battle. The power of love and prayers knows no bounds, igniting strength that keeps spirits high.

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