Teaching ADHD with Nerdbug Neurons with Dr. Nerissa Bauer

Meet our friend, Dr. Nerissa Bauer (@letstalkkidshealth)

Dr. Nerissa is a behavioral pediatrician and entrepreneur in Carmel, Indiana. She left academia in December 2018 after burnout. 

She has a part time behavioral health practice.

Neuron Plush Organ Toys

She created TEACH ME ADHD, an online course for families, is host of the Let’s Talk Kids Health LIVE show on behavioral health & parenting, and CEO of Let’s Talk Kids Health, LLC. She is also a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

She mentioned that she's using the plushies she bought; Neuron and Brain to teach about ADHD.

She said that she's using these plushies as a fun and cute way how amazing their brains are! 🧠💙

Neuron Plush Organ Toys

Tell someone "Neuron always on my mind" with Nerdbugs Neuron (Brain Cell) Organ Plushie!