We've Got your Back- Jamie & baby Norah

Meet Norah, our cute little friend, who’s holding the adorable Spine Plushie. 👶🍼

Her mom, Jamie (@jgallen86), is a student who’s taking up Manual Osteopathic Therapy.

While being trained in Osteopathy, she learned that our body is a well-built house with all the parts functioning harmoniously.👨‍⚕️💛 ✨

Spine Plush Organ Toys

The arterial, venous and lymphatic systems act as the plumbing✨

The nervous system acts as the electricity; ✨

And the skeletal system plays an essential role in the foundation and framework. So when the Spine Plushie was released, it was a no-brainer!!

Now Norah can hold onto her mommy’s spine, so nothing’s holding her back. 😍

Thank you for the nerve-er ending support to the Nerdbugs! 💕🌞 And to everyone reading this post, we hope you're spine.

Spine Plush Organ Toys

No turning back once you get your friend or your own the Nerdbugs Spine Plushie Organ. You'll never stop to snuggled up!