Breast Plush Organ Toys -Breast is yet to come! (Brown/Tan)- Breast Plushie Organ

Breast Plush Toy - Breast is yet to come! 

Share your mammary with someone you love with these one of a kind breast plushie toy.
Cozy and adorable, this super-soft plush makes for the perfect gift for someone post breast surgery. Makes a great pregnancy gift, lactation gift.

  • Doctor mom designed to be educational and informative
  • On a mission to teach about acceptance and inclusivity while celebrating health and wellness
  • Thoughtfully handcrafted with the highest quality plush
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

For that lovable geek in your life who is fascinated by the human body, this is surely a gift for you.

This 8 x 6 inch breast plush will comfort you with soft plush material while putting a smile on that wonderful face of yours.

Designed in Wisconsin. Imported.  Founded by a team of nerds.

Nerdbugs Breast Plushie Organ Toys