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Give the gift of snuggles with a Nerdbugs Gift Card! Ideal for anyone who adores all things adorable and cozy, this gift card is your ticket to spreading happiness and curiosity. Pick your favorite plushy design, add your personal touches with a heartfelt note, and you're all set! We'll deliver this bundle of joy directly to their email—no postage required. Just sit back, relax, and spread kindness with every gift!


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Our Nerdbugs act as powerful educational tools, all wrapped up in a cute little package.



Our cute and nerdy plushies help patients feel inspired, empowered, feel seen, and accepted regardless of their condition.



We’re breaking harmful stigmas surrounding medical and mental conditions, one adorable plush at a time.

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Inspired by doctor and mom, Nerdbugs was created out of a need for acceptance and inclusivity in the world of health and wellness.


Safety tested to the highest standard

Materials used in the production of the organ plush toys are non-toxic and safe for use, providing peace of mind to parents, educators, and healthcare professionals

Educational, comforting, and empowering

These exceptional organ plush toys not only educate about the human body, but also provide unparalleled comfort to individuals undergoing medical treatment, while empowering them to take control of their health.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With over 40,000 plushies sold worldwide, trust that these cuddly companions are a hit, bringing unlimited comfort and joy to countless individuals.

OUR NERDBUGS plushIES makes the perfect snuggle buddy FOR:


Curious minds, aspiring scientists, inquisitive learners, parents, educators, or a quirky loved one.

A loved one in the hospital or post-surgery, organ transplants patients or donors, or anyone that needs some smiles.

Your favorite doctors, nurses, surgeons, medical professionals, medical students, and health awareness events