Pancreas Plush Organ Toys - Sucrose, yet so far! - Nerdbugs Pancreas Plushie Organ Toys


Nerdbugs Pancreas Plush Organ - Sucrose, yet so far! 

This pancreas plush is the sweetest thing!

This 8x 10 x 4 inch pancreas organ plush is what sweet dreams are made of. For that lovable geek in your life who is fascinated by the human body, this is surely a gift for you. 
Makes a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one with diabetes, pancreatitis, or any pancreatic condition.
Perfect gift for a loved one or a medical student! Makes a great get well gift for a loved one in the hospital or post- surgery. Wonderful gift for doctors, nurses, medical students or professionals, science enthusiast, and for medical graduations or just the quirky loved one in your life.
Designed in Wisconsin. Imported.  Founded by a team of nerds.
Nerdbugs Pancreas Plushie Organ Toys